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Rodger (a neighbour on the same floor as me) had to go out and would only return the next day.He had a Pit Bull named Bull and needed someone to look after him for the night.When I was 19, I decided to study at NYU so my father rented a beautiful apartment in a high-rise, close to the university.Across the street was another apartment building, I used to watch people living their lives from my window.

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Eventually he came in her mouth and I orgasmed a few moments later.

It was not like spying on them or anything, they often did the same.

The people in that building and in mine knew to close the blinds when privacy was required.

On this particular knight though, as I looked at all the dark windows, thinking I should have gone to bed long ago, I saw one window with the lights on and the blinds open.

At first there was nothing to see so I just sat there enjoying the breeze and drinking my coffee.

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