Jiyong and sandara dating

In front of many fans, G-Dragon was seen protecting Sandara Park by holding her head.

Sandara Park replied, “After watching Big Bang’s concert, I went to the after party, there were a lot of fans who followed so we went out that way and I think they misinterpreted it.

The idea that mental illnesses are not real needs to stop.

Mental health issue is very much a real and serious issue.

It willbe broadcasted on the 25th, at PM on JTBC’s “Talking Street (As I Say).” Credits: Sources: 1, 2, 3 Translated by: We Love Dara / Oh Dara Sandara Park along with model Kang Seung-hyun travelled together to the Philippines; their adventures will be revealed through broadcast.

Sandara Park, who introduced the Philippines as her second home, lived in the country for more than ten years. When any member of YG Family visits the Philippines, Sandara Park recommends places to go to and even food to eat.

I keep seeing comments about how idols don’t have the right to complain or feel sad because they’re “celebrities” who are “rich”. They’re not perfect, just like us, and that’s okay.

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However, that does NOT give you the right to be leaving hateful/hurtful comments on their social media accounts or music videos.

While Park is the face of the Moonflash Cushion, which is used as a brightening base or highlighter, fellow YG label mate G-Dragon is the face of the Microfit Cushion, which is recommended for touch-ups.

We put it to Park: Between her and G-Dragon, who’s prettier?

Sandara Park talked about the “dating scandal” with fellow YG labelmate, G-Dragon.

Recently, JTBC reported that Sandara Park, Seo Janghoon, and journalist Im Gyeong Seon had filmed for an episode of Talking Street (As I Say).

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