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They're just interesting, ambitious, and doing something they're excited about." The League also looks at users' social graphs to see who they know who is already a member of The League. The League makes sure users aren't shown first connections or current coworkers, to minimize awkward virtual encounters.Once accepted, users are shown only a handful of matches per day. Bradford, who worked at Salesforce, attended Stanford Graduate school and interned with the top venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, was hoping to raise 0,000.She would rather tackle the world's most interesting cities than smaller US towns.

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Dating sites don’t use controlled studies, for example, which would be nearly impossible.These issues haven’t stopped promoters from making outlandish, unproven claims, such as the bizarre one from Gene Partner, a site that says its matchmaking abilities are superior because it incorporates users’ DNA: “Now, hard science is making it easier to find true love.A new matchmaking system uses DNA to help find your dream date, and it’s redefining what it means to be compatible.” Flawed though these sites are, many singles still view them as the best option.Bradford says she and her friends frequently Linked In-stalk dates before meeting them for coffee to make sure they aren't scary and that their goals align.The acceptance algorithm that The League uses scans the social networks to ensure applicants are in the right age group and that they are career-oriented.

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