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Acts Isa Prov 13:1 Isa Prov 2:6 1Pet 1Pet 1Pet 2:2 Jas Heb 13:5 Heb 13:5 Heb 2Pet 1Thes 4:1 1Pet 5:5 1Pet 5:5 1Pet 5:7 Jas Ph'm 1:6 2Tim 1:7 2Tim 1:9 2Tim 1:9 2Tim John 10:5 2Tim Jas 1Jn Ps Ps 4:8 1Jn 2:5 1Jn 3Jn 1Jn 1:7 Jas 4:8 2Tim Heb Prov 3:4 I thank you Father that Your Word prevails over our children.

That they are taught of the Lord and continue to be the fruit of godly instruction and correction. Father, give us counsel and wisdom in bringing up our children.

‘It is very much better sometimes to have a panic feeling beforehand, and then be quite calm when things happen, than to be extremely calm beforehand and to get into a panic when things happen.’ (1935)Yet he never panicked.

For all that Number 10 bustled with activity under Churchill during the war, at the centre he projected a sense of being in complete control.

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Secret tape recordings made by Jackie Kennedy emerged this week in which she described Winston Churchill as ‘really quite ga-ga’.

Churchill made this witty observation when recounting his capture by the Boers in South Africa.Even in the crises of wartime, Britain was a fully functioning democracy, in stark contrast to her enemies on the continent.In World War I, Churchill joked: ‘I have derived continued benefit from criticism at all periods of my life and I do not remember any time when I was ever short of it.’ This year saw Singapore and Tobruk fall to the Axis powers.But if you have to choose — you must choose to be right.’ He was certainly not the alcoholic that his detractors — both contemporary and modern — have made out, but he did enjoy a drink, especially Pol Roger champagne.‘Winston is a man of simple tastes,’ a friend said of him.

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    Across the Universe, a Julie Taymor-directed musical that was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award and was set in Liverpool, New York City, and Vietnam, focused on the tribulations of several characters during the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s. Wood, who has described the music of The Beatles as a major part of her life, played Lucy, who develops a relationship with Jude (Jim Sturgess).

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    In 1940, the Pound was pegged to the US Dollar at a rate of 1 Pound to .03 US Dollars and many other countries followed, by pegging their respective currencies.

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