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In contrast, using SQL Server Data Tools to specify Direct Query on the model and partitions will automatically clear the cache when you switch the model to use that query mode.

Compared with recommendations for clearing multidimensional model caches during performance testing, there is no broad recommendation for clearing tabular model caches.

To the extent that caches exist as a result of MDX queries, running Clear Cache against a tabular model will invalidate any cached data from the system.

Byh @@ -0,0 1,2 @@ Delete entries of ``None`` in :data:`sys.path_importer_cache` when :meth:`importlib.machinery.invalidate_caches` is called.When to clear the cache for tabular models Tabular models are generally stored in memory, where aggregations and other calculations are performed at the time a query is executed.As such, the Clear Cache command has a limited effect on tabular models.For a tabular model, data may be added to the Analysis Services caches if MDX queries are run against it.In particular, DAX measures referenced by MDX and autoexists operations can cache results in the formula cache and dimension cache respectively.

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