Immediately updating school cancellations

This is the highest indicator in our country’s entire history.

More than 10 years ago, we addressed the demographic problem in earnest. We are ahead of many European countries in terms of birthrate.

These include important draft laws designed to improve the quality of forensic examination and the effectiveness of cyber protection efforts and to reduce road congestion and improve road safety.

The State Duma election was the main political event last year.

Our people voted for stability, but they also voted for development.

They expect us to do everything in our power to improve their lives and to make success a fact of life in the country. I am convinced that this requirement will also feature in the upcoming presidential campaign.

We are no longer afraid of any challenges, because they provide a development impetus.Our positions have grown for four years in a row, and this happens amid a financial crisis.We consistently advance in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking of economies, which estimates the quality of a business climate.This signifies additional opportunities for an inflow of funds and for solving other problems.Last year, our country climbed to the 43 position in the world competitiveness rating.

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