How to survive dating a soldier

Charlie Hastings, his Forward Air Controller, to call in "Broken Arrow" (a call for all available combat aircraft to assist and attack enemy positions, even those close to the U. troops' position, because a position is being overrun and can no longer be defended).

The aircraft attack with bombs, napalm, and machine guns, killing many PAVN and Viet Cong troops; but a friendly fire incident also results in American deaths.

Despite the aforementioned differences from the book and departures from historical accuracy, Gen.

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On the second day, despite being trapped and desperately outnumbered, the main U. force manages to hold off the North Vietnamese with artillery, mortars, and helicopter airlifts of supplies and reinforcements.

Robert Edwards and the repulse of the final major North Vietnamese push at LZ X-Ray on the former C Company line, which was then held by B Company 2/7th under the command of Capt. Moore (Mel Gibson) seems to claim is attached to the 1/7th. Ramon Nadal pushing forward and rescuing the stranded platoon of Lt.

Henry Herrick, which according to the book was actually done not by one company of the 1/7th, but rather by two companies of the 2/5th as well as B Company 1/7th.

When the Army begins to use yellow cab drivers to deliver telegrams notifying the next of kin of soldiers' deaths in combat, Julia personally assumes that emotional responsibility instead.

Moore's troops regroup, secure the area, and stop at the base of a hill.

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