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Since he had deployed his reserve forces to the final offensive, and the base camp has no troops to call upon for defense, Huu An quickly orders the headquarters evacuated.Moore, having achieved his objective, returns to the helicopter landing zone to be picked up.Nguyen Huu An plans a final assault on the Americans and sends most of his troops to carry out the attack.The North Vietnamese have set up strong emplacements near the hidden entrance of the underground passage to the command post.When the Army begins to use yellow cab drivers to deliver telegrams notifying the next of kin of soldiers' deaths in combat, Julia personally assumes that emotional responsibility instead.Moore's troops regroup, secure the area, and stop at the base of a hill.

Nguyen Huu An is alerted that the Americans have broken through their lines and that there are no soldiers between the Americans and their command post.

An older Moore visits the Vietnam War memorial and sees the names of soldiers who fell at Ia Drang. And Young, Hal Moore complains that "Every damn Hollywood movie got it wrong"; director Randall Wallace has said he was inspired by this comment and became "determined to get it right this time". Finally, as the movie notes in a voice over by Joe Galloway (Barry Pepper), the battle continued for over 235 more days.

The film's final version, though getting many of the facts of the book presented onto film, is not entirely a historically accurate portrayal of the battle, nor is it entirely faithful to the book. Nguyen Huu An, the Vietnamese commander, did not see the conclusion at LZ X-Ray as the end of combat, and the Battle of Ia Drang continued the next day with combat action at LZ Albany where the 2/7th, with A Company 1/5th, found themselves in a fight for their lives against Lt. There are many additional historical differences between the book and the movie, presumably made to shorten the length of the movie.

Despite the aforementioned differences from the book and departures from historical accuracy, Gen.

Moore states in a documentary included in the video versions that this film is the first one "to get it right".

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