How to become online webcam slave

This will allow your Master/Mistress to determine what to do at that point.There are some video cam options available on some cell phones, but this may not work as well as your traditional setup.If you are the Master or Mistress reading this looking for new ideas please remember you need to always be consistent, there is nothing worse than a slave feeling as if their Master/Mistress is not dominant enough or that they are not consistent in their approach.The more the submissive is reminded of their place in your world the deeper the servitude becomes, slave contracts and consistent dominant approaches will always deepen this relationship, you can also have a look at the slave registry and get your slave to register and get their own unique number and certificate as an owned slave.

While it’s true that you can’t anticipate everything, you want to make sure you’ve accounted for as many problems as possible.

With that said let’s delve into this and list some of the best ways to make a slave /submissive feel owned, how to train them and the top ways to dominate.

More live fetishes here 1)If you are doing a webcam show with them, you could order them to bring items to the session such as rope, elastic bands, candles, toothpaste, cucumber, wooden spoon, clothing items such as wives panties, or girlfriends stockings the more adventurous you get with this the better.

As a slave, you have a number of responsibilities on your plate, all of which are important and should be done dutifully and gracefully.

If you are an online slave for some or for part of the time, you have different things you need to do in your training.

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