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Post-breakup, girls are more likely to erase their ex from their social media lives.

Some 44% of teen girls with dating experience have blocked or unfriended an ex on social media, compared with 31% of boys.

As a result of high intermarriage rates, some of today’s Latinos have parents or grandparents of mixed heritage, with that share higher among later generations.

According to the surveys, 18% of immigrants say that they have a non-Latino parent or grandparent in their family, a share that rises to 29% among the second generation and 65% among the third or higher generation, according to the Pew Research Center survey of self-identified Latino adults.

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These findings emerge from two Pew Research Center national surveys that explored attitudes and experiences about Hispanic identity among two populations. The second is a first-of-its-kind national survey of 401 U. adults who indicated they had Hispanic, Latino, Spanish or Latin American ancestry or heritage (in the form of parents, grandparents or other relatives) but did not consider themselves Hispanic. Both surveys were conducted by SSRS for Pew Research Center. Immigration from Latin America played a central role in the U. Hispanic population’s growth and its identity during the 1980s and 1990s. And the Great Recession, coupled with many other factors, significantly slowed the flow of new immigrants into the country, especially from Mexico. Over the same period, the Latino intermarriage rate remained relatively high and changed little.The one slight difference is in frequency of texting.Texting is by far the most common means for teen daters to communicate with their romantic partner, but girls use texting more frequently than boys: 79% of girls say they spend time texting their partner daily, compared with 66% of boys.Girls who date (46%) are also more likely than boys (30%) to delete or untag photos from a previous relationship.In explaining why she would delete photos of a former beau, one high school girl in a Pew Research focus group last year put it this way: If she’s bitter about the relationship ending, “I’m erasing you from my life.” By and large, teen boys and girls tend to use the same methods to keep in touch, and they share similar expectations for how often they’d like to hear from their partner.

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