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Three out-takes appeared on a bootleg album Omay Yad, also known under titles as Oneone, Fingal's Cave and Rain in the Country.

With the advent of a 1997 deluxe reissue of the movie soundtrack on a double compact disc, four previously unreleased Pink Floyd out-takes were also revealed.

One of the best known 's by Pink Floyd is Best of Tour '72: Live at the Rainbow Theatre with a concert performed on 20 February 1972.

This bootleg includes one of the first performances of .

It featured the three new songs that Pink Floyd were playing on that tour. The record was issued with the lyrics to the songs, and the quality of presentation convinced a number of buyers that the album was a bona fide follow-up to .

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For example, the 1972 Pink Floyd bootleg called Brain Damage was released under the name The Screaming Abdabs.It includes the show's soundcheck and the 50-minute concert (played at a Swedish restaurant and jazz club called Gyllene Cirkeln a.k.a. The recording was done by the Swedish sound engineer Anders Lind on his machine. Despite the overall quality being very good for the time, the vocals are almost impossible to hear (An indication as to the poor quality of P. This was Barrett's last recorded performance with the band.The track list consists of "", "Scream Thy Last Scream", "", and "Pow R. Also released as "Owed to Syd Barrett" The track list consists of "Tunings", "Astronomy Domine", "Careful with that Axe, Eugene", "Interstellar Overdrive", "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" and "A Saucerful of Secrets" In January 1996, the label released the bootleg album "Psychedelic Games for May" which includes a collection of Syd Barrett era Floyd, featuring a pre-Floyd acetate, rough mixes of the early singles plus BBC TV and the unreleased single "Scream Thy Last Scream".One year and one month before the official release of that same album, the bootleg had already sold over 120,000 copies. The Pink Floyd appeared on 's "Look of the Week", hosted by .The performance consisted of a truncated version of "" as well as "".

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