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For the widowed artist searching for her perfect match on a dating website, the handsome silver-haired man staring back at her seemed too good to be true.He liked to share photos of himself and his dog on social media, and from his messages he seemed like a trustworthy person.Here are some great gay dating profiles of hot men who joined recently.While it is impossible to prove why these youngsters took their own lives, some critics are suggesting a link between the suicides and the anti-gay rhetoric sweeping through school districts in the state.

She only broke off contact with the charmer after he started asking her for money.Benjamin Franklin, born in 1706, had a […] Paula Vogel’s Indecent was conceived in 1906, when Scholem Asch penned God of Vengeance.The furor it caused in 1923 reverberated through time into the hands of Vogel and co-creator Rebecca Taichman, who each had read it […] Infinite Variety: Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati Scott D.Something Rotten is a marvelous conflation of the Elizabethan theatrical style of late 16th century England with the American-originated theatrical form known as “the musical,” or what was called half a century ago, the “musical […] Gay legend Oscar Wilde is best known for his stage comedies, but his fiction was also notable.Marisha Chamberlain, recognizing the comedic theatrical potential of the book, adapted his humorous novella, The Canterville Ghost, for […] Local fashion designer Samantha Rei finds success with Vanitas line.

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