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During a normal birth, the umbilical cord is clamped within minutes of the baby being delivered, though mothers can request that it is not severed until the placenta has come away from the womb - up to 25 minutes after the birth.Warning: A spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said the placenta should be cut off soon after birth because it becomes 'dead tissue and full of blood, making it the perfect culture medium for bacteria' (picture posed by model) 'I read around the subject while pregnant and discovered that it can increase oxygen and nutrients to the baby and improve their immune system,' she says.

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It's not that ultramodern houses and apartments are terrible places to live in.

But after a few decades of a woman's touch they had faux-leaded windows, fake Tudor doors, deep shag carpets and untold shelves of tacky collectables. She claims she keeps them for inspiration and ideas.

They looked awful and it's a surprisingly short journey from porcelain miniatures to dealing drugs in the stairwells. But the only thing they have ever inspired me to do is to start a massive bonfire.

After: Jane Clitheroe (left) has decluttered Francesca's bedroom Clutter-wise, my wife is well ahead of the curve.

Left to her devices, our house could reach that 'mad old lady' state before she reaches 40.

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