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It was Wolfowitz who Bush sent to address the big pro-Israel rally that took place at the Capitol on April 15.

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Bush took his first and only trip to the Holy Land.

He may even be influenced by the view of Gary Bauer and other fundamentalist Christians who believe that the Jews are biblically ordained to live in the Holy Land. Bush's is prominently filled with members of the tribe.

Most notably, the public face of the White House, spokesman Ari Fleischer, is a practicing Jew.

In 2000, as Al Gore hit the campaign trail with the first Jewish vice presidential running mate in U. He paid the obligatory dues, speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and visiting the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles (where, after touring the sobering Holocaust exhibit, he incongruously signed the guest book, "God bless this world! But Bush reserved his real pitch for Arab-Americans, whom his strategists viewed as an increasingly powerful voting bloc.

Repeated trips to Michigan, a swing state, gave Bush ample opportunity to meet with Arab-American leaders, heavily concentrated around Detroit.

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