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Starting with accusations that Prescott Bush was a Nazi collaborator before Pearl Harbor, the Bush dynasty has generally been viewed with suspicion and at times outright hostility by Jewish Americans.The elder President Bush outraged the Jewish community with a series of perceived insults.It was also his perceived insensitivity toward Jews, as characterized by the only-Christians-in-heaven remark.Bush later joked about the uproar caused by the exchange. After a brief flurry of activity to win Arab support for the war on Afghanistan, Bush began to connect America's struggle against terrorism with Israel's fight against Palestinian suicide bombers.

And then there was Secretary of State James Baker's infamous "fuck the Jews" remark.

Despite his own Skull & Bones pedigree, the president is far less WASP-ish in his tastes and manner than past generations of Bushes, making him less suspect in the eyes of some Jewish Americans.

Moreover, he is openly religious in a way that conveys deep respect for religious believers of all kinds.

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