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“She’ll give you just enough reinforcement so you’ll continue to be available and supportive of her, but at the same time she’ll masterfully avoid sending you any indications that she’s romantically interested in you,” Clark says.“She is interested in you, and she wants you to stick around, she’s just not interested in dating you. ”He’s confused, so I explain: “Girls text their friends and boyfriends when they’re bored.You don't make your intentions clear This might sound obvious, but you might be in her friend zone because you’ve never indicated that you would like to be otherwise, says relationship expert Tracy Thomas, Ph. In fact, it’s possible that she doesn’t even know you want to be more than friends.But by the time I realized what I had been doing wrong (a senior in High School), it was too late and the only friend I had left was just considered my "friend" to me because I didnt have anyone else.They would be people with problems themselves (bipolar disorder, cutting themselves, shoplifting, drug using, getting arrested, putting me in situations that I got arrested for, etc.).

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“A lot of men are afraid of rejection, so to stave off that sting they simply don’t ask her out and instead become a buddy—a miserable, anxious buddy,” Masini says.“Men who allow themselves to fantasize about a future relationship with a girl make it harder for themselves to declare their intentions and risk losing her,” Clark says.“By avoiding making their intentions clear, they can keep the hope alive that someday all of their attention will be reciprocated.” In other words, you’re in relationship purgatory, and that’s never a good look. “If you ask her out, she will say yes or no,” Masini says. If she says no, you still win, because you’ve been given the opportunity to stop wasting your time on someone who’s not interested. A real friend would not do this.”Both friendships and romantic relationships are reciprocal—a girl who likes you as a friend or as a potential romantic partner will do the same things for you that you do for her.“Don’t settle for less than you want or deserve in a relationship,” Thomas says.

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