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In other words, your ex will realize that they’ve let go of you and that you’re not coming back just because they want to give you a second chance.

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By disappearing off your ex’s radar, you’re communicating to them that you’re okay with the breakup and that you are ready to move on and replace your ex with someone new.The Ex Factor also includes dozens of sneaky psychological tactics that you can use, starting today, to begin winning back your ex’s heart.You’ll have a proven game plan laid out for you, and you won’t fall victim to the common mistakes that often kill your chances of ever getting your ex back.(Note: any time you talk to your ex, either by text message, phone call, or in-person meeting, make sure you’re 100 percent casual and calm.) You want your ex to see that you’re moving on, that you’re busy with a social life, and that there are lots of other guys or girls lining up to take your ex’s place by your side.When your ex sees that you’re not fazed by the breakup or the thought of life without them, they’ll begin to realize that the decision to break up with you has major consequences.

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