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Likewise, in insert mode, the New button is replaced with an Insert and a Cancel button, and empty input controls are displayed for the user to enter the values for the new record. The Details View control provides a paging feature, which allows the user to navigate to other records in the data source. The pager row can be customized using the Details View. The following table lists the style properties that you can set.Note: You can also manually define the update, delete, and insert command buttons in a Button Field, Command Field, or Template Field row field. When enabled, page navigation controls are displayed in a pager row. The style settings for the alternating data rows in the Details View control.

The Details View control can be bound to a data source control (such as the Sql Data Source control or Object Data Source control) or to any data source collection that implements the IEnumerable interface, such as Data View, Array List, List`1, or other collection types., in the past there was a lot of attempt to allow the users to insert data through Header or Footer Template which is no longer required.In this post I will show you the full data editing capabilities of and code.The Details View control recognizes buttons with the Button. When this property is set, the data rows are displayed in bands, alternating between the Details View. Command Name property set to "Edit", "Update", "Delete", "New", "Insert", or "Cancel"; however, you still must provide the functionality yourself.

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