Finnish dating marriage

Girls under the age of 20 weren't considered mature enough for marriage, but by age 25 a girl was looked upon as an old maid.

The opportunities for young people to get acquainted were limited.

Among the landless rural people, the betrothal consisted of a journey to town or market to buy wedding rings. In the 1880s the town people began announcing betrothals in the newspapers.

The future daughter-in-law might also stay for a week and help with the household work. and in the 17th century it could be silver goblets.In eastern Finland it was customary to hold both betrothal and banns parties.Under the Ecclesiastic Law of 1686 a betrothal was legally binding and could be broken off only by consent of the Church.In 1721 it was raised to 21 and 15 respectively, but the sons of peasants were permitted to marry at age 18 and this was effective until 1922.Since 1911 girls have been allowed to marry at age 17.

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