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For barran treis will blofumes beir,-" A Is weil as thois that fru&e do yeild ; Quhais barke and branchis fchynes als cleii* As ony flour in all the field. Thair faf Tioun I abhor indeid, Thair converfatioun ts defylit ; Faire fpeiche prevails themefelfes to fpcid ; Quho to thame truft ar clein begylit, for lhay richt limplie will deciair, Of whom the juft autht to bewar. be fairer fpecbe, tbtfaljir hairtin Thejuirtft bands, tbefoncft brokin ; 1 'he greater brds^ tbefalfer pairtis ; Gif this worde may again be fpokiri, For lords and lairds ar nother juft; Nor yit the commouns to be truft. Thoch Fortoun, Fraud, or Force, Detein the in fufpence ; Gif thovv have no remorce In mynd, nor confcience ; And lies done none offence : Thoch in captivitie , Thow fuffer violence, Yet fuirlie thow art frie. Queen Margaret fcems, from her quick marriage to a pri* vate nobleman, to have had other qualities of Venus bcfklc her beauty. There is a fine whole length portrait of her in Hampton-court palace. The fyrfttyme may be notyt her,, Gonvertyt qohen the Peychts wer.. Als femple luiks the fubtil man, As he that of na falfat can. A freynd in wourds, quhair deids be'deid, Is lyk ane fpring that watir wantis : And he that with fair words is feid, Iois hope for frute of witherit plantb. In falfet thay excell in kynd ; In wordes thay maift of all exceid, In treafoun none lyik do I find ; In treuth thay never obierve thair creido For fay and promeis r thay, that in that blok with the confpyrit j Cheifiie the butchers of thy bludie clan. And yit be bluid mair proudlie dois pretend.- Be bluidc tiiay leift ; be bluide thay firil began: And fo for bluide fall have ane biuidie end. 33 6 ANCIENT Bpt gif thow micht be taxit ; Or falfet with the found ; The corps micht be relaxir, Bot fchame fould the confound; And gif the fuch a wound Sould left perpetuallie ; And mak the (lave fo bound That thow couldfl ne'er be 5ot, fen it is not fb, Rejoyis, and tak thi reft. Lye has an odd remark on dcg * hinc verbum ele- * gantijfunum, to dog one.' Line 25 is not in MS, but one line is neceffary to the fenfe, and muft have been omitted in tranfcription. Befides, it feems he was a friar m his early life, and could not dance at court. Next of the Peychts regnyt then The kyng Kynel Makluthren** Eftyr that his dayis war don, Kyng was Nattan, Fodis fon $* Erude, Golarge, and Golargan 6 'j Next eftyr tkift Nattan 7 j Ilkan til other in thar lyve Twenty yer war fucceflyve.. And quhair that mony gay gelding Befoir did in our mercat ling, Now fkantlie in it may be fene Tuelf gait glydis, deir of a preine. This cummis not, as we confidder, That men to travel now ar flidder ; For mony now fo biflie ar, Quhidef ye travell neir or far. 44 Thai may ken be your fedderit flane * 4 Yc have bene mony beiftis bane, 44 Upon thir bentis broun." That fre anfwerd with fayr afeir, And faid, 4 Schir, mercie for your mycht ! And arryvit at Inch Ktytb, The ile betwix Kyngorne and Leitht Of Icolmkyl the abbot than, Sano faid, " Mekbetbe luk up, and fe^ ' Undyr yon faylforfuyth'e is he, The Thayn of Ftf, that thow foucht. 4 Thus man I bow and arrowis beir, 4 Bccaus I am ane baneift wycht. * For God's luif lat me gang; 4 And heir to yow my treuth I plychtj, * That I fall, nowder day nor nycht, ' No wyld beift wait with wrang. * Thoch I walk in this foreft fre, * With bow, and eik with fedderit flane, ' It is weill mair than dayis thre^ * And meit or drink yit faw I rianc. Trow ye weil, and dowt ye noucht, *\ Gift'evir ye fal fe hym agayn, * * He fal ye fet into gret payn. Nothing has hurt the true pronunciation fo much as this ftupid blunder, which is e*en yet retained by ignorant editors. And all this fbrow, and mifcheif, Is nouther cum of huir nor theif ;' Nor be the force of enimeis'; Nc r be privat confpiraceis. Sua nevir is fene intill our toun Lordj laird, burges, or barouti.

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Thair dry fcarpenis, baythe tryme and meit ; mullis glitteran on thair feit ; T&Hf S C T I S H POEMS.

* Sen that I never did yow ill, * It wer no ftill ye did me Ikayth. Than lukit fcho to me, and leuch ; And faid, * Sic luf I rid yow layne. Ruddiman's Gloiiary ; Oougias's Virgil, 1710, Folio , where it ap- pears, not being uncommon here in England.

' Your deir may walk quhairevir thai will* * I wyn my meit with na ficwaithe, * I do bot litil wrang, 4 Bot gif I flourjs fang. " Bot ye man reft with me all nycht, " AH nakit lleipnnd be my iyd." * I will not do that fyn I' * e Leif yow this warld to wyn I " Ye ar fo haill., of hew and hyd, " Luif hes me fangit in this tyd. ' Albeid ye mak it never fa teuch, 4 To me your labour is in vane. Thair mycht no hairts mair}oy refaif, Nor ather culd of uther haif. SCOTISH POEMS, ONTHEFOLYEOFQREFE* H 1ST propone in my carping, All myne alone, this I propone ; Makand my mone to hevyn's king ; 1? Welcum be wejrcj, as ever God will, Quhill I be beyrd, welcum be weird ; Into this eird ay to fulfill ; Welcum be weird, as ever God will. Quhat mendis it a man to ANCIENT ON FALS FREYNDSCHIP* TH E thoehts of men dois daylie change,^ As fantafie breids in thair breftis. Thair nature is fo flrange, That few can find quhair friendfhip reftis.

*" Gif that ye trow not in my ay the, r Tak heir my bow and arrowis baythe, * And lat my a'win felfe gang. Sayand, " Sweit hart, of harmis ho J " Found fall I never this foreft fro, *' Quhill ye me comfort kyt-h. I fall wey bayth in ane ballance, Wynning and fkayth, I fall wey bayth ; Fpr God will grayth his purviance ; I fall wey bayth in ane ballance. Foi double dealing beirs fuche fway, All honeft meining dois quyte decay. Silence to dolour is ane nourifchingv AM a 3 C O f I S H POEMS.

Than knelit I befoir that cleir ; And meiklie could hir mercie craif. Eis, or difeis, as God will fend, Alyke fall pleis, eis or difeis ; Ay till obeyfe quhill lyfe mak end ; Eis or difeis, as God will fend. The ftedfafte faythe, that freynds profe Sj, Is fled frome thame and feindle ufit. 219 EXCLAMATION MAID IN ENGLAND UPONE THE DELYVFRANCE OF THE ERLE OF NOR- THUMBERLAND FURTH OF LOCHLEVIN, QUHO IMMEDIATEL1E THAIREFTER WES EXECUTE IN YORKE. OU H O lift to mark the Scottifch vyfe, Or knaw the cuflomes of thair kyndis, Sail weill perfave thair craftie wyie, And fals diflaitful doubil myndis.

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