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A lot of women need a little warm-up to get them in the mood.If a man skips the foreplay, he is only thinking about getting himself off.We wouldn’t expect anyone to go out of their way to send a text while they are at an appointment, in a business meeting, or while they’re in class.But, there is a certain time of the day where texts mean nothing more than a guy wanting a hook-up. Usually if he messages you later in the day, when shops, bars and restaurants are still open, it’s a good sign.For men, physical compliments are a lot easier to give.If he compliments your personality, you know it’s coming from a sincere place.Seeing someone in the 21 century has become a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

We get it, people work, go to school, and have obligations during the day.For some apparent reason, a lot of men don’t want both.We spend hours having Face Time conversations with our friends just trying to analyze every little detail about our relationship with our guy.Other than skipping foreplay, there are numerous ways to tell if he’s only using your body for his sexual satisfaction.If your whole relationship revolves around bedroom fun, then his pleasure is the only thing on a guy’s mind.

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