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Clickoriginal Data Table = CType(View State("original Values Data Table"), System. Data Table)For Each r As Grid View Row In Grid View1. Data Bind()End Sub Protected Function Is Row Modified(By Val r As Grid View Row) As Boolean Dim current ID As Integer Dim current Project As String Dim current Description As String Dim current CAPEX As Stringcurrent ID = Convert. It seems Gridview1.rowupdate is also firing events Row Updated and Rowupdating. – fnostro Apr 29 '15 at will generate a button with Command Name="Edit". Copy()View State("original Values Data Table") = original Data Tabletable Copied = True End If End If End Sub Protected Sub Up_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) Handles Up. Row Index, False)Next' Rebind the Grid to repopulate the original values table.table Copied = False Grid View1. So all you should need to do is provide empty handlers | this answer answered Apr 28 '15 at fnostro 2,654 1 7 16 Fnostro, You’re absolutely right. Row Updating End Sub – Sherif Apr 29 '15 at Protected Sub Gridview1_Row Updated(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. You could have bypassed it and "rolled your own" or if you wanted to spend the time learning how, you could have used the Sql Data Source control directly by populating the parameters and calling it's update function. Data Row Then If Not table Copied Thenoriginal Data Table = CType(e. | this answer edited Apr 28 '15 at answered Apr 28 '15 at j.f. So not only will changing the ID from "Update" to "Up" not have any affect, but changing the Command Name wouldn't have either.

– Full Time Skeleton Apr 28 '15 at | show 1 more comment 3 Answersup vote 1 down vote You make a call in Up_Click to 'Grid View1. However now the Gridview does not update with the new value(s) entered.

Select Command = "SELECT [ID], [Project], [Description], [CAPEX] FROM [CAPEX] where [Team] = 'Team1'"Grid View1. Data Bind()End Sub Private table Copied As Boolean = False Private original Data Table As System. Data Table Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. The code looks placed outside of a databound control.

Select Command = "SELECT [ID], [Project], [Description], [CAPEX], [Team] FROM [CAPEX]"'Add Conditional Statements to change view for users/Teams'Sql Data Source1. Unless you place the gridview inside an Update Panel, I'd say it has to be bound, and then the If Not Is Post Back Then is incorrectly placed.

When manually databinding the Grid View, this will always show ascending, so we need to handle this manually with the following logic: After that we save the new Sort Expression.

In that case a Text Box is created and added to the Controls collection for the appropriate cell (and it's the only item added to the Controls collection, so it's Controls[0]).

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