Dvd teen dating

An effective program to combat teen dating abuse is an essential part of any high school health and guidance curriculum.

This is the story of Megan – a happy, athletic, “A” student who wants desperately to be in a relationship and have a boyfriend.

Crossing the Line is a vital tool for combating teen dating violence and abuse.

Exceptional acting/role playing help to make each video credible and viewers will relate to the teens being portrayed as they are very recognizable and could be part of their own family.

I’ve watched this scene more times than I care to admit, and to this day it’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. So if brooding schoolboys, rape, and all-things-French get your meat-slab all stiff, you can’t pass up on this.

While non-fans may be bored, this is one of Cadinot’s biggest-selling titles in the U. Trendsetting, dark and sleazy, it’s a must for collectors.

He isolates her from her friends and activities, abuses her verbally and eventually becomes physically violent.

The program tells Megan’s story in dramatic vignettes that are grounded in the latest research on teen dating abuse.

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