Dude sex chat

I spotted this gorgeous, artsy girl with bouncy black shoulder-length curls, and thick red glasses and lips, from across the room, sitting on a couch by herself.

That night, we had the best sex we had had in months.*When I awoke the next morning, our “date” on Friday was all that I could think about. Although I was pretty confident that someone would hit on her, I thought about what would happen if no one did. It read as follows.“My wife and I are looking to try something new. I’m well educated, professional, in shape, and discrete. My palms started sweating and my teeth clenched as I watched her push her breasts into his chest. Just as I thought about running after them, my phone buzzed.

She is 30, 5’8”, a little thick at 150lbs., curly black hair, great ass. Make sure to include a pic.”Within hours, I had over fifty responses flooding my inbox. It felt strange to be opening one after another of those. Your reply was perfect, and sounds like exactly what we are looking for. He had turned in her direction and was subtly inching closer. They continued talking for another twenty minutes with no real excitement, but then something happened. I looked down to find my drink and, as I poured a swallow into my mouth, I nearly choked on the liquid.

The plan is to arrive at the lobby bar of the Marriot on Friday around pm. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear and, when he did, he put is hand on the outside of her thigh and held it there. Another man’s hand was on my wife’s leg, and I was frozen at my table.

I suppose I should give a brief history of our relationship.

We met shortly after high-school at a mutual friend’s party.

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