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This view asserts that, by introducing an obligation to vote, all citizens governed by a democracy partake in the responsibility for the government appointed by democratic election.

At that time both men and women were afforded the right to vote, a liberty which (in South Australia and Western Australia) preceded official independence from Great Britain.Supporters of compulsory voting also argue that the secret ballot is designed to prevent interference with the votes actually cast, compelling voters to the polls for an election removes interference with accessing a polling place, reducing the impact that external factors such as the weather, transport, or restrictive employers might have.If everybody must vote, restrictions on voting are identified and steps are taken to remove them.Australian academic and supporter of compulsory voting, Lisa Hill, has argued that a prisoner's dilemma situation arises under voluntary systems for marginalised citizens: it seems rational for them to abstain from voting, under the assumption that others in their situation are also doing so, in order to conserve their limited resources.However, since these are people who have a pronounced need for representation, this decision is irrational.

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