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Cuber Island south of Florida; capital is Havanner. Down Where somebody is, for example: "They're down the Cape today." Sometimes prounounced "downna," as in "Wanna go downna Boston with me? Down Cella The part of the house under the first floor: "Go down cella and get me some b'daydas." Dunkie's The donut shop on the corner. It's "dungahs" in Hyde Park; "dungies" in South Boston. Only in Boston could you get "gawker" and "blocker" to rhyme. " Elizabeth Kelley Light dawns ova Mahblehead The point in a conversation at which a particularly dense person finally comprehends something: "I asked Debbie and Rick if I could come along, too, and they were all, like ' We kinda got plans,' and stuff. " Laura Mitchell Live 'n' kickin' The only kind of lobstahs you'll find at Boston deli countahs. Can be used as both adjective and noun: "The South Shore's full of OFDs." On account of: "I can't go out tonight onna-conna my mom is pissed at me." Marty St. Usually done early on a Saturday morning with a couple of bottles of liquor for company. Plenny a chahm What all houses for sale have, at least according to the brokers.

So-called because it was land held in common for residents; however, one rarely sees cows grazing on the Boston Common anymore. "Often paired with ',' creating the sublime poetry of ' That kid's wicked frickin' queeaahh,' or ' The Ozzy cawncert wuz frickin' wicked!!! "The only time my car ever breaks down is when it's right in front of my house - Isn't that fried?!?!? [email protected] Traffic tie-up caused by people looking at an accident on the other side of the road (or sometimes at excessively enthusiastic ). " or "I rented that movie ' Dumb and Dumber' - what a killer! People on the north side of the city pronounce it "Medfid." Milkshake Milk with some flavored syrup, but NO ice cream. Mummy What you call your female parent if you grew up on Beacon Hill. Al Donovan Naw Opposite of "yuh" or "yah." Nizza Something that is very cool: "I just bought a nizza looking sports car for only ,000." John Scaro "Really?!? " Often answered with "" OFD Originally From Dorchester. Packie run What you make when you go downna Mahty's or some otha packie. Jason Lachapelle Da Pan Where the Mattapan High Speed Line goes. Jane Morris Perambulate the bounds Ancient tradition in which selectmen of neighboring towns meet once every five years to walk their town boundaries to ensure nobody has moved the boundary stones. Also, the world's longest parking lot, at least out by Sturbridge on the day before Thanksgiving.

If employed, a hair stylist, bahtendah, or receptionist. Sometimes also called "triple decker." In Dorchester, though, they'll tell you that "triple decker" is a Yuppie affectation; but in Winthrop, that's what everybody calls them. And typing this on an i Phone with auto correct on has been quite a chore. Thank you.[/quote] You have no idea how many times I've said that I'm going to the Hynes and people respond, "Oh, you mean like the ketchup? AB Staff Posts: 118 Joined: Thu Aug 17, 2006 am by » Wed Apr 18, 2007 pm A lesson for beachgoers: We don't drive to Cape Cod. John Bautista AB 2014-17: Junior Tech Staff l 2007-2013: AB volunteer l 2006:attendee PAX East Enforcer:14-17 Show-off Posts: 1260 Joined: Sun Jul 23, 2006 am Location: Walpole by » Thu Apr 19, 2007 am [quote=Pasquino X]For the most part I try to minimize my accent when talking to people from outside of MA. I hadn't realized there were so many slangs in Boston.

Usually seen during daylight hours wearing the uniform: curlers, kerchief, sunglasses, a Marlboro with a heater end, tight pants, high heels, accessorized with a screaming rugrat or two named Jenifuh, Dante, or Shawn, having that unmistakable aroma of cologne and nicotine. You can often tell a townie by the way he or she adds the phrase "'n shit" to the end of many sentences, as in "Oh my gawd, like yestihday, right, he was totally down Nahant polishing his TA (Trans Am) 'n shit." Originating in Worcester, this quickly became a staple of Boston residential architecture: a narrow, three-story house, in which each floor is a separate apartment. And if you were a narcissist you were "con•seeded". repeat as much anyway.[/quote] Sometimes when I'm talking to someone from a different place, my voice starts shifting to their accent. I don't know why, and I can't control it. Expert Poster Posts: 66 Joined: Mon Mar 26, 2007 pm Contact: by » Mon Dec 10, 2007 pm X.x Wow...

Committed Poster Posts: 729 Joined: Wed Jun 21, 2006 pm Contact: by » Sun Dec 30, 2007 pm Whenever I see anybody wearing Red Sox clothing, I feel obligated to dig a hole and hide in it. I ran into that when I went to college too...someone said something about a "packie run" and my friends from Jersey kinda went "wtf? My wife bought spuckies at the Italian stores in Eastie when she was a kid. Their goal was to come up with something as recognizable as a cross that also evoked the idea of transit, transportation, tunnel, etc. In some Boston supermarkets, the signs will direct you to the "tonic" and "diet tonic" aisles. KC Black A U-turn - the Official Turn of Boston drivers. We drink Boddled Wodda now since bubbelahs are rare. Growing up in Chelsea we alway bought "spuckies" at Gallo's market. Cambridge Seven Associates thought it up in the early 1960s when the state hired them to design graphics for the then new MBTA. Two-toilet A two-toilet is the ultimate in comfortable living. "Let's step outside to the parking lot and settle this like real men." Terra incognita; beyond the bounds of civilization (some Bostonians will argue that that boundary is actually Rte. Of course then he got bettah so we had a time for him when he retired (re•tie•yed) and if you get a job with the state you "got on the state" or with the MBTA you "got on the T" We eat "pah•day•duhs" mashed or boiled. " Sometimes, "book it." Elizabeth Kelley Boxball Game similar to punchball, except the ball had to first bounce in the "infield." Played with "pinkies" or "pimple balls" - soft, small, white balls. B'daydas You can serve them mashed, or whipped, or boiled. Book To make tracks: "The cops came and we booked outta there!!

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