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As a gay man, I find the whole 'she's too pretty too be gay' argument, just as ridiculous and homophobic as the 'he's too masculine to be gay' argument.The rumors at that time were about a big fight between Whitney Houston and Kelly Mc Gillis or Whitney and Jodie. Whitney was supposedly in a relationship with Kelly when she found out that Kelly and Jodie were having an affair during the filming of The Accused.In case you forgot, on the second episode of Gossip Girl, otherwise known as Statutory Rape in the City, the anonymous narrator really drums it in that this show is based in Manhattan, more specifically Upper East Side. I came out in the 80's and it seems that almost every gay rumor around in the 80's and 90's have been substantiated. I have heard rumours that he is, and rumours that he isn't, but I just take it that he A5 (probably A2): Kieran isnt gay so above get ur FACTS RIGHT and stop making up things aint true yehh and wikipedia is rubbish A6 (triumphant): YOU CAN ALL SHUT UP!She said she just admitted it to herself after being with only women for quite some time, IIRC.In any case, for some reason people want to pretend that DL never has any true gossip, and that's as stupid as claiming our rumors are always correct.[quote]I don't remember rumors about Reeve at all - I think whatever was discussed came from that movie he made with Michael Caine where they played lovers. I actually asked about Reeve in my first post on DL (and got flamed crispy).

I've never seen posters on DL deny Whitney being gay r93.

I've been thinking the same thing r85, part of me wants to go over to his IMDB board to assess the fangirl situation on there, but I also feel it's useless to fight that kind of tide because fangirls never listen to reason anyway. I mean, they also tried to link him to Piper Perabo, and ... Her own ex-husband and in laws have confirmed it, which still could leave some doubt, but is pretty damn good evidence.

The network will begin to in him, dropping stories here and there (maybe hinting that him and his female co-star are, to put it in the PR term always used, "getting cozy")I remember when Sarah Paulson was on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and a story appeared in the press about her and co-star Matthew Perry. There have been rumors about Whitney since her first CD came out in 1985.

R88 sadly Rupert Everett was delusional thinking he had a major career.

A few period movies, none of which were box office hits, is not a career. He became B list, thanks to the press that his friendships with Madonna and Julia Roberts generated.

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