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I could watch her doing laundry and it would be interesting.With Carol, the script already had those moments, but it’s something I try to bring to every part I play.

Her performances, too, often fall somewhere between ethereal and naturalistic.It just seems so crazy to me, because Cate is one of my favourite actors. Just like the mercurial silent era icon, Mara was born into affluence (her great-grandfathers Art and Tim founded the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants respectively) but had a fairly normal upbringing.A relative latecomer to acting, she found her way into the movies in her early twenties via a handful of bit-part roles, before returning to college in New York where she graduated from Gallatin in 2010.Read more in LWLies 62: the Carol issue Buy the mag With the exception of the Aaron Sorkin-scripted The Social Network, which required Mara to “talk a mile a minute and squeeze seven pages into four minutes,” every film she has appeared in this decade – from Dragon Tattoo to David Lowery’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints to Carol – has seen Mara consciously embody the minimalist mantra ‘less is more’.She’s always looking to exploit the space between words, savouring the quiet moments that can have a lasting impact on the viewer.

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