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Some of the advantages: support of floating-point math, compatibility with Borland Pascal both in syntax and runtime library, code optimization for Pentium processors, ability to create Dos32, Wdosx and Win32 executables.Disadvantage: this project was dropped for some reason a couple of years ago. In reality, its a disassembled text stored in a very strange format.Minimalistic C-like compiler created by some Pakistani student as his project on a compiler construction course. Some examples and a detailed description of intrinsic routines are included. The given version is tuned to compile C-like language. When Peter Cellik had retired, hed presented to public the sources of his unforgettable creation Sphinx C--. The compiler is written in C, for successful recompilation youll need Microsoft C v6.0.One remark: use MSVC 6.0 only to recompile (since Watcom and Mingw did not succeed). This is the version 2.0, the last, as Peter (and many of us) thought. This project was resurrected by Michael Shecker (dont let this name confuse you, hes Russian! The sources of the Workbench are also included (for Borland Pascal).Its clear only that it is a C-like compiler which can emit an asm listing for Motorola 6809 and Intel 8086/386 processors (16 and 32 bit). Youll need also an assembler (~125kb) and a linker (~26kb) (the latter isnt compiled though).The full sources with MS-DOS binaries can be found on home page. Its a multi-language compiler, the input language and code generation of which can be defined in external scripts. The last version 0.82 is pretty more handy, the full description is lacking though.

Another try to write a 32-bit Pascal, greatly worthy of attention.

The newer version with some samples: (~57kb) This archive was downloaded from some Japanese site via the French link.

Cabezon must be quite compatible with Borland Pascal, as can be said while viewing the given examples.

To gain its readable view just follow the instructions in readme file.

But beware, the resulting asm text wont be compatible with modern assemblers!

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