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Its clear only that it is a C-like compiler which can emit an asm listing for Motorola 6809 and Intel 8086/386 processors (16 and 32 bit). Youll need also an assembler (~125kb) and a linker (~26kb) (the latter isnt compiled though).The full sources with MS-DOS binaries can be found on home page. Its a multi-language compiler, the input language and code generation of which can be defined in external scripts. The last version 0.82 is pretty more handy, the full description is lacking though.Most stuff listed here is written by rare enthusiasts for educational purposes or even for amusement.Due to numerous causes (laziness or lack of spare time, possibly) most of these projects were abandoned half done or even at the very beginning.The full package (with Masm32 about 2.5Mb) can be downloaded from the home page.This one was intended to be Quick Basic compatible but failed, there are no operation precedence!

The emitted code is not optimized but so did the early versions of Turbo Pascal!To gain its readable view just follow the instructions in readme file.But beware, the resulting asm text wont be compatible with modern assemblers!Ga Basic generates 32-bit asm listing to be run under WDos X extender.Unfortunately, this projects is abandoned but it was a few steps to reach self-recompilation! This compiler generates rather compact asm listing and, as a result, small executables. Then take a look at this stuff and let it be your everlasting nightmare! This compiler accepts an input language similar to GW-Basic, moreover its written in it itself!

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