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With the engine off and the parking brake engaged, have a friend operate the shifter and observe the linkage rods to see that the rods operate freely.

Second, check to see if the transmission arms have become elongated (wallowed out). Be sure that the linkage rods are parallel to the shifter lever’s travel. Finally, the mechanism may be in need of a rebuild.

The correct meaning For ’55-57 Chevys, Hurst uses a special stick shaped like a large “C” to clear the original bench seat.

Due to the extreme angle that the stick comes out of the mechanism, it was not possible to make it a bolt-on stick.

Some applications, usually Ford and Chrysler, require more exact adjustment than others.

Try adjusting the cable pivot in either Low or Neutral, just be sure both the shifter and transmission are in the same gear when adjusting.

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To remove the stick, place or push a steel shim or feeler gauge down each side of the stick, at the bottom where the chrome handle goes into the mechanism, and pull.

Hurst originally supplied only the shifters to the big three – made to their specifications. OEM linkage is frequently smaller in diameter and/or the shifter is mounted in a slightly different location, making the Hurst aftermarket shifters and linkage incompatible with OEM shifters, linkage and mounting plates.

Some Hurst shifters are universal in design (particularly Pro-matics and V-matics).

To compensate for the mechanism being mounted on an angle, the chrome stick is welded into the mechanism in the opposite direction to properly locate the handle in the vehicle.

The stick and mechanism are not available separately, and are only sold under part # 3913180.

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