Dating willowbrook

—a Canadian auto insurance provider with GM and Motors Insurance Corporation roots dating back to 1919—Your Warranty Team is a group of warranty specialists serving automotive dealerships across Canada.We encourage you to explore this site, meet our Team, compare Coverage One Warranty Plans, and learn how program benefits and our philosophy on good old-fashioned service drives dealer profitability.Dual purpose options then became the preserve of the Willowbrook subsidiary and were built to "BET standard" design.Yes Neville, I assumed that the draughtsmen who wrote "Donington" on the drawings knew what they were doing!You’re quite right, Andrew, there were several versions of the Britannia.The original version, brought to market in 1956 to replace the Elizabethan, had a curved waist-rail and introduced the "chain motif" to the Duple range.The Britannia design was first introduced in 1956 and the last were produced in 1962, the same year in which the Donington was deleted from the Duple catalogue.Both models were replaced for the 1963 season by a choice of either the (Hendon built) Commodore or (Blackpool built) Commander.

This vehicle was the last of four of this style, the other three being on Tiger Cubs UWX 277, 6108 WU and 9712 WX, so close inspection shows subtle changes over the years.

As you will no doubt tell us there were at least three versions of the Britannia as well!

Reference the comment above about Willowbrook model names being recycled, Park Royal also did this with the name Royalist though the second version was anything but successful, not helped by being initially built on a second-string chassis rather than a front line player.

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