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Anyone who visits Australia from abroad expects to see Australian wildlife such as wombats, platypuses and koalas.

In fact, even urban-dwelling Australians enjoy having a chance to interact with these amazing creatures, and there’s no better place to do it than at the Healesville Sanctuary.

You can take a trip down the Murray River, which meanders through the state of Victoria.

This historic region has a comfortable climate all-year-round and is a charming place to visit.This 664 kilometre stretch of road takes you along a gorgeous coastline with incredible sights along the way.Since you’re in charge of transportation, you can stop as often as you like to check out fascinating attractions ranging from the 12 Apostles (stacks of limestone which eroded in a unique way), to walks along the rainforest canopy.For a luxurious escape, leave Melbourne and head southeast to the Mornington Peninsula to enjoy wine tours, steamy pools, and superb golf courses.A great place to kick off your holiday, or to end it with a touch of sophistication, this is a stop that should not be left off of your campervan hire itinerary.

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