Dating the jjang from sang fanfic

i admired the acting of the actors and actress kong hyo jin how they deliver their lines. I read all reviews here and i got curious because they always say that this is a perfection and has no negative reviews. I actually dont put reviews here but i can’t help myself. For those who are hesitating to watch this drama, i am telling you this will never waste ur time. The OST used were all addicting and i add all of them to my playlist. I will repeatedly watch it as if it is my first time. The story And acting of each cast are really awesome. One of the best chemistry i’ve seen in kdrama or should i say #1. Love the concept about neuropsychiatry and the lessons about overcoming personal struggles and acceptance. Conversely there was too much emphasis on the Kang woo character who didn't add much, almost as if they persisted with it to keep the actor in all the episodes. as an example it is played when she leaves his apartment after sleeping on the floor, in episode 4. I need to remind people who comments about gong hyo jin brought up about ex girl friends again and again, that was in my opinion the detail about her sickness. She cannot trust man, with she accepting jo in sung so fast I think its natural for people who has trust issue to brought up such things (ex girl friend) over and over.Thumbs up to the writer plus the director 'n staff of this k-drama...i recommend this to all to watch and discover psychological incapacity 'n differences of different people in this drama??? You will never get bored and this drama is so addicting. This is more than 100/100 I can't describe in words how amazing it is. Perfect couple Perfect casting Perfect story Perfect acting Everything is perfect. At first i avoided this drama because i thought there would be very much love story but i was entirely wrong it was not at all cringy. Zo In Sung and Kong Hyo Jin is such a lovely couple in the series and enjoyed every scene of them. For me, this drama started off really slow and boring. I've been watching several dramas, but never before the story could be so touching. Ratings very nice This is a type of drama that is hardly to be found.. Hi l'm keerthi from india I love k dramas especially This drama fantastic and brilliant actor and actress I love Ghj she is very talented actress in would totally I m med ..... Thats just how ji hye soo character is Loved the series, especially the outdoor scenes.As soon as they figure out better endings, Korean series' will launch into previously unheard of recognition for Korean cinematography, and I can't wait. Started it this morning, (had the day off), and watched every episode late into evening with a few breaks. It handles the sensitive issues of mental health quite well, without being overly sentimental or trite. This might sounds a little dramatic or unbelievable.Bottom line, great series which I related to the main male character (and still do). ZIS did not win a best Actor award for this, but really deserves it. I watched the series after seeing some feature on it online. Because I really understand the struggles that come from painful experiences from young. I saw violence, affairs, and many other memories I wanted to really just erase.I really thought the last half of the series could have been focused more on the lighter side of love and their relationship and overcoming the obstacles of such differences, and I (as would many of my friends, would have put this in our top ALL TIME favorite series) but I'm not the creator, and I appreciate what the writer, director and production team created....I think I can say though that most people who I've talked to who watched the series also related something similar (as do many of the comments below.) Overall this was a terrific kdrama. And just ordered my box set of the series, whish the directors Korean cut box set was in English! its really realistic, refreshing, great, cool, awesome, daebak drama!!!!!

(Though it did address some very serious mental conditions.) I would have liked to have seen the two main characters progress to an adult relationship instead of arguing constantly (usually started by Kong Hyo-Jin's character) over past girlfriends or relationships.But it hides in the crevice of your mind and colours your entire world and you can't move on.Anyhow, I fell into a very depression because of the memories of experiences that had just looped and looped in my head.This drama became one of my top favorite dramas of all time. I've always been a fan of psychological drama and this drama strengthens my love further. So, I just really, with all of my heart, send all love and thanks to the casts and people behind IOTL. For the first time ever, I've rewatched a show and IOTL really deserve it. It's been a while since I felt so worked up/satisfied, about a kdrama... I finished watching in like 1 week, in between works and all.. :) This is one of the best drama's ever, great storyline, great script and amazing acting. But a good actress.,,, Still, there's some dragging moments... Out of topic: But why does SBS dramas sometimes involved on Plagiarism?? Other than that, funny moments, best OST, great characters and wonderful setting, and despite it's flaws, a tolerable story.As a rookie actor, Do Kyungsoo played his role amazingly. I hope I could come across another excellent drama to dethrone IOTL from my TOP List! Anyone who criticises this drama probably can't handle the serious things that are happening in the real world. Such meaningless conversations, the story doesn't go anywhere???? I rate this series 8 of 10 and probably the best Kdrama out to date. My only, and ONLY complaint, is that the Kong Hyo-Jin's character can't make up her mind and that drags on for a while from the middle to end of the story.

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