Dating the jjang from sang fanfic

I'm not schizophrenic, but watching the show was like watching my own pain played out.And it taught me that I needed to go to that memory, and look it in the eye and forgive it.Feeling suicidal, sometimes feeling I could be better off dead, and feeling all the judgement and inability of people to emphatise what actually happened.Cutting off people and feeling more and more isolated because it feels like nobody could understand.

The show maybe did show me shows perhaps society does care about people like me. If u see Jo Insung in That winter the wind blows..u will see most of the cast in this drama also acts on that drama(TWTB)..i think the writer and the director must really like the actor and the cast twice by the same writer same director.. Can't deny the chemistry that shown every single scene. I replayed it a lot from 2014 to 2017 and still make me comfort to not skip the timeline. After IOIL finish, many drama comes with mental illness theme. Definitely a must watch and gotta be the best Korean Drama I have ever watch. Definitely it makes us feel cheriched when we finished watching. Even this drama not really great in rating but it is so popular, korean watch this more via online because this drama took heavy subject like depression, transgender, OCD, (typical mental illness). And this drama would definitely make you laugh till you cry and also cry your heart out and get your heart wrench with all the sad scenes and makes your heart flutter with all the happy scenes along with the ending.Aside from the wonderful acting and portrayal of their romance, I found myself crying and weeping so much because I could really relate to the emotional struggles the leads felt.That sometimes you really do hide away negative memories and shelf them aside or think that you could do without confronting them or finding a way to come to terms with them. Years past and you think that you're fine, that you got past it.

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