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I used to be, littlered, and my suggestion to you, if you're trying to bring one out of his shell or make him feel at ease, be really gentle about criticizing him but really blunt about things that will make him happy.

but this will only work if he feel comfortable and feels accepted by you.

One thing to mention: don't ever mention the fact that he's shy.

in my eyes [email protected] Guy4911 I never knew that, medicine for shyness really?? @bobbill "A little patience, alot of compliments, and you can watch him bloom. Nobody told him "She does it cause she LIKES you, now go back , dont wuss out this time and see if you can show her a litte of the same to show her that it's OK, you like her too." - Definately agree with you there I remember chasing boys around the school yard in grade 2-4 poor kids [email protected] Get outta that shell and read this forum for some good advice, thanks again everyone :) LOL @grantmoore3d"One thing to mention: don't ever mention the fact that he's shy.

@ oprime "My advice: Just relax and try to not get so worked up about the way the other person looks or how you much be crushing on them already.

:)" thanks for your advice, hopefully it will help somebody :)@Tyler Derdin, Alclohol doesnt help any situation but oh well If it helps you talk to women its ok i guess.

This will only make it worse, as it will instantly trigger in his mind that "oh shit, someone noticed"... Wait until you have a bond of trust, then you can poke fun at it, as he will understand." I am at that point where its ok to mention it to him, aslong as its not loud and in public... I agree with those ideas thanks for your input @Nokidsnvrmarriedwhowantit I think you know my opinion on that one *tisk tisk* but i agree that coffee is BORING!!

lol but he's a good guy and he knows i love him he just needs a confidence boost? @Bryantinfl It is a major turn off if it lasts too long for me, but with my guy its more towards new people not me, any idea? Have a good one : P With an X and An O this chick has got to go -Red- He can't process this while doing other things, but in little quiet moments: tell him that he's handsome/beautiful/strong/neat/sexy/smart/funny/nice/sweet/caring. Listen to find out what about him that he's proud of, and compliment that, over and [email protected] -Thanks for the advice I hope that will work, I have tried a little bit of stuff like that when he's in a down mood...

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