Dating scams mary williams

I'm a open book Name used = Janet Smart email addy = [email protected] in RS database = proxy server IP Address: Hostname: 199-255-210-77.IP Country: Anonymous Proxy ISP Provider: Anchor Free header = Return-Path: Received: from [] by web161306bf1.via HTTP; Mon, PDT email sent = Hi dear , how are you doing today?hope u are doing good, i 'm happy to read your message, i really need someone like you in my life,i'm sad and depressed.put smile on my face, i just wanna be happy with my man , i want my life to be for you,i'm tired of being single, i promise to make you happy and i will never let you down ..caresss pic is it's avatar pic from fish.They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere. Getting YM via Zorpia of a person using Bryci, the porn model pics. Name beeing used is Kelli Danni YM chat is generic at this time. CB1975 In YM she claims to be from the US and living in the UK.RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL , quite a few friends there ... PM ME: where so u live PM ME: do PM Kelly Danni: uk PM ME: ru from there PM Kelly Danni: nop PM Kelly Danni: im from us PM ME: which part PM Kelly Danni: florida Got her/him to e-mail me.Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): let me tell more about my self first Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): okay Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): My name is Gifty,i am 29 years Old, I am Single (five years ago), black hair, Gray eyes, My height is 5 feet,7 inches.i weight 58kg., Long Hair and a healthy Lady.and I am a Student Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): i want to see your pics befor i will tell you everything you want with me okay Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): okay Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): can i ask you something now ?

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I like swimming dancing hiking biking fishing camping and some times i hang out with friends.I am a down to earth lady and love meeting new people.I love bowling, its some time i always have time for and i love thee outdoors.Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): am home now Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): do you have any pics?Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): am in Ghana now Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): and you Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): i have cam but it not working again i will try to get one for my friend soon okay Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): Yes Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): and you / Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): Yes Gifty Pra (4/14/2011 PM): but i want to see you too?

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