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Considered by Batman and Booster Gold as their best friend, Kord perished in a mission which he prevented his megalomaniac uncle from dominating the world.Alongside Batman, Jaime considers Ted as a big influence to he become a superhero himself.A mere janitor in The Future, Booster Gold was clever enough to know that technology that was commonplace in his home era would be enough to make him superhuman in the bygone times of the 21st century.So he stole a strength-enhancing flight suit and a Robot Buddy named Skeets, and headed into the past with the express intention of making boatloads of money as a famous superhero.Batman, sympathetic to Billy due to their similar origins (both were orphaned at a young age), helped reunite Billy with his sister.Captain Marvel has also helped Batman out on several cases, most notably against Starro and the Faceless Hunter. Lives in an invisible tower that can only be entered by magic. Niles Caudler), with their main members being Robotman (Cliff Steele), Negative Man (Larry Trainor), and Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr).Now the Fastest man Alive, he donned his famous scarlet costume to combat crime. Jay Garrick is the original Flash and was a member of the Justice Society with Wild Cat.Jay Garrick also has the same appearance and costume as his comic book incarnation that is from the Golden Age.

An Asian-American scientist whose costume allows him to shrink himself (and others) down in size, up to microscopic size.

Before Jaime Reyes, Ted Kord was the second man who assumed the name of Blue Beetle becoming the major hero of Hub City.

Unlike Jaime, Ted had no access to the power of the Blue Scarab, but in the other hand he could create useful gadgets based in the technology of the Scarab to combat crime.

Jason Blood is a dabbler in the arcane arts and occasional occult consultant for Batman.

He's also an immortal from Camelot with the soul of the demon Etrigan inside him, which he can bring out with a rhyme.

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