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When introducing Jackie Wilson to the audience at the Las Vegas midnight show on 20 August 1974, Elvis performed just one line of Wilson's famous song, "Higher and Higher." This really is a one-liner in the truest sense of the word—blink and you'll miss it.

Information about 508 original versions of recordings by singer and entertainer Elvis Presley.

Their original was released the following year on Haven 510.

Tiny Powell's Paramount Singers recorded it in 1949, but it was not until 1951 and Red Foley's million-selling version that the song became widely popular.

This site will work and look better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device (I think! Note that I have used the title that was printed on the labels of the original US and UK single releases of Elvis's version.

However, some European picture covers showed it as simply "His Latest Flame" (and presumably this was how it was shown on the record labels).

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