Dating in the 1960s

Women were to refrain from kissing the boy on the first date, regardless of how much they liked him.

And heaven forbid a girl should appear intelligent in front of her date, which made things tricky for those with the smarts.

From their size and eye colour, their height, hobbies and even what they do for a living.

You see, online dating has made the search for your loved one just that bit easier.

The process was simple, they posted in neighboring colleges an ad, “If you are interested in trying something new, send and have a shot at finding true love.” And people did, filling out a questionnaire twice, once for them and once for their ideal date.

Questions ranged from “What’s your religion and grade point average” to “Do you believe in a God who answers prayer” and “How important is it that your date shares your attitudes towards sex?

” Once all the questions were answered, subjects would fold up their envelope and send it via snailmail to a place where it was key punched.

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There were often strict guidelines of dos and don’ts when it came to landing your perfect match.After couples were matched, both matches would get a letter in the mail with the names and contact for five matches.But since this was a time when girls didn’t call guys, there was a lot of waiting on the female end.Yeah, no “Netflix and chill.” And it seemed to work.In the video you’ll meet three couples, still together today who met through Operation Match.

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