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Sixty-seven percent (67%) were serving a first or second sentence in a penal institution, (62%) were serving time for drug and property offenses.

Many of these felons had previous charges but had come to the conclusion that they did not want to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

However, there are states such as Louisiana who allow ex-felons to run for public office after being released from probation or parole for fifteen years.

Ex-felons have a much lower rate of recidivating when they are released to stable living environment and caring families.

and many of them want to live the American Dream but America in many cases have written them off as nobodies and relegated them to the back waters of society.

The American Dream for many ex-felons has become the American Nightmare!

Most ex-felons say that their greatest desire upon release is to be given a fair chance to succeed in America.

Ex-felons who are released from prison and acquire gainful employment, have the support of their love ones, and are connected to a higher power are much more likely to stay out of prison longer and in many cases never return. Once ex-felons are released from prison they should be treated like any other citizen.Corporations who do not hire ex-felons based on their criminal records only, in my opinion should not be supported by the ex-felons or their families.In some recent research in which I surveyed 100 of the largest corporations in Texas, many of the HR Departments responded to the questions of Do your corporation hire ex-felons by saying that each decision is made on a case by case basis. In my book “Why Are So Many Black Folks In Jail”, I constantly remind readers that if corporations refuse to hire qualified ex-felons solely based on the fact that they committed a crime in their past not taking into account that they have paid their debt to society, then “if they don’t hire we don’t buy”.One of the strongest predictors of ex-felon success on the streets lies with their religious beliefs while in the penitentiary.We know that many people believe that felons have nothing else to turn to when they are in jail so that try God. In a survey of characteristics of successful ex-felons, 78% reported that they attended church and religious services on a weekly basis while in prison.

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