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“The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear.Out of respect for his family and loved ones, please respect their privacy at this time,” the statement says. He had a near brush with death in a 2008 jet crash with Blink 182’s Travis Barker.“And I remember sitting there thinking, ‘You know, I can t even kill myself.’ ” He said the next morning, a friend, who had managed to kick drugs, stopped to check in on him. Let’s go.” And I just listened for once, and I went and I did everything he told me to do.That was 11 years ago.” After vowing to get off drugs and lose weight, Goldstein underwent gastric bypass surgery and dropped 115 lbs.In a statement, Dusk management said, “We are devastated by the loss of Adam Goldstein, our dear friend and valued member of the Dusk family. He was a true talent who will be greatly missed.” Goldstein was a popular deejay in the Hollywood, New York and Vegas club scene, and had struggled with weight, drugs and depression. “I would deejay until 2 a.m., go get drugs and stay up until 10 in the morning doing drugs alone in my apartment.” During his early 20s, his weight reached 300 lbs.A critical turning point in his life came in 1997, when Goldstein considered suicide.Another police source confirmed to PEOPLE that the dead man was DJ AM. A police source said prescription drugs were found in the apartment.

If it was a One-Night Stand, then it was my first one ever and I don't know how to behave after something like this happened. Hope you guys can make sense out of my weird state-of-mind!(I am in another country though..)I haven't seen him for a week now and I will stay in my hometown for another week, but I don't get him out of my mind. I don't want to let myself fall and then fall flat on my face (again).My problem is, he is a DJ.about judging people...every time when I told someone "hmm he is hot" they reacted like "yeah he is a DJ, can probably chose the girls". If I listen to my intuition and what he told me and what I saw (he never left with a girl/made out with a girl) then he is not a player.He dated Nicole Richie and got engaged to the reality TV star in 2005, though the two called off their plans in December of that year.Goldstein most recently dated model Hayley Wood but according to reports called it quits earlier this month.

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