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Stephanie's Question: My husband filed for divorce on me several weeks ago.

The kids and I have moved out because he said he was selling the house.

The child suffers because of his selfishness and unwillingness to put his child's needs first.

The child then spends the remainder of the day with the custodial parent doing his homework.

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They may not always like it, but so it is with lots of other things we do as parents, too!

I would challenge you not to put it out to the kids that you can't afford to do something.

Claim your power and say that you are choosing not to spend your money on that right now without apology.

She comes home most times wanting our entire family to pay only attention to her. The simplest approach is to talk with your daughter directly to emphasize the fact that she has 2 homes now with 2 separate sets of rules.

Gloria's Answer: What child wouldn't want to be in a home where nothing is expected of them, no work or discipline, and they are completely cherished from the time they step foot in the house? You have no say over what happens at her Dad's, but you have every say on what happens within your home.

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