Dating disneyland dad

A father who doesn't have physical custody of his child.So, to compensate for this, he makes the visitation times with his child all about fun.She comes home most times wanting our entire family to pay only attention to her. The simplest approach is to talk with your daughter directly to emphasize the fact that she has 2 homes now with 2 separate sets of rules.Gloria's Answer: What child wouldn't want to be in a home where nothing is expected of them, no work or discipline, and they are completely cherished from the time they step foot in the house? You have no say over what happens at her Dad's, but you have every say on what happens within your home.

For some perspective on the situation, read the following questions and advice from the life coach.

Generally, he's a father who buys his kids whatever they want, taking them out to eat and to all the fun places in town, rarely enforces regular routines, and gives in to their every whim.

From a child's point of view, it's like visiting Disneyland.

Instead focus that energy into taking care of yourself well, learning something new, developing other streams of income, or developing supportive relationships. Shannon's Question: What should I do about my 7 year old daughter that wants to go to dad's house because he doesn't require her to do anything (i.e.

While your kids are being well taken care of (and maybe even spoiled! no chores, no rules, nothing that involves discipline or anything that is not fun)?

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