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Therefore, an anticlockwise P-T path characterized by simultaneous temperature-decreasing and pressure-increasing was inferred for the Yushugou HP mafic granulite.Studies of zircon morphology and inclusions, combined with zircon U-Pb dating and REE geochemistry indicate that their protolith’s ages of the mafic granulites were ∼430 Ma, while the metamorphism could occur at three stages with ages of ∼390 Ma, ∼340 Ma and ∼320 Ma, which may correspond to Stage I, II and III, respectively.

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Petrographic observations and phase equilibrium modeling using THERMOCALC in the NCFMASHTO system for the mafic granulites (Y21-2 and Y18-8) show three stages of metamorphism: Stage I (granulite facies) was recognized by the large porphyroblastic garnet core, with P-T conditions of 9.8–10.4 Kbar and 860–900 °C (Y21-2) and 9.9–10.6 Kbar and 875–890 °C (Y18-8), respectively; Stage II (HP granulite facies) has peak P-T conditions of 12.1 Kbar at 755 °C (Y21-2) and 13.8 Kbar at 815 °C (Y18-8) using mineral assemblages combining with garnet rim compositions with maximum grossular and minimum pyrope contents; Stage III (amphibolite facies) was characterized by the development of calcic amphibole in granulites with temperature of 446–563 °C.

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