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To gaze upon the suffering face of Jesus, reveals the profound love God has for humanity, creatures He has made and proclaimed to be very good (Genesis ). Therese wrote, “We are greater than the whole universe and one day we ourselves shall have a divine existence.” The Face of Christ is the gateway of humility God has created for Himself to enter into our lives, so we may reside with Him for all eternity.The face of Christ is the face God has chosen to reveal himself to us and is a means to reveal our own humanity to us.Teresa of Jesus, by her concept of the ‘Sacred Humanity of Christ.’ What does this devotion say to us today, in the postmodern world?It shows us the humility of our God, and the lengthen He is willing to go to, to make known His love for us.

3: 20) Humility creates within a person a perspective that allows her or him to see and know that the world around herself or himself does not depend upon them, and unlike Atlas, the presence of humility removes that burden from the person’s shoulders.’ The answer to “who is God” is only discovered when a person spends time with Him.Christ asks for a relationship, that is why he calls us His friends (Jn ).Therefore, when we listen to him, to all those around us, the people who were once strangers, are now seen as beloved children of God, which they have been from their own beginning.That is the horizon put forward in the ‘Song of Songs.’ The bridegroom (God), is listening for and calling out to his Bride, while we, the Bride, yearn to embrace the bridegroom that we do not yet fully know or perceive.

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