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Christ, the God-Man, who listened to all around him.Women, men, friend, and foe all found Jesus with open ears and a loving heart.A way that takes us through our own humanity to God. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross teaches that “dedication to God means at the same time dedication to the whole creation.” Christians are not Gnostics, we do not shed the material, but we embrace it through the grace of God, that makes all things new!Finally, Our God, who is love, who chose the way of humility for Himself, by the incarnation, calls us to the same path of humility.

Christ act of listening is a foundation stone for our obedience Him.Therefore, when we listen to him, to all those around us, the people who were once strangers, are now seen as beloved children of God, which they have been from their own beginning.That is the horizon put forward in the ‘Song of Songs.’ The bridegroom (God), is listening for and calling out to his Bride, while we, the Bride, yearn to embrace the bridegroom that we do not yet fully know or perceive.However, we do not walk the path alone the Father and Son offer to us a companion.The Holy Spirit, the love of the Father and Son, poured forth upon the earth, now dwells in us as the Spirit did in Christ (Lk 3: 21-22).

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