Dating choices of high school students

Parents, Burnette says, should resist the temptation to push their children into the most difficult courses with the hopes that they’ll get admitted to Harvard.

“To be in a course that’s too difficult just leads to frustration,” she says.

Some students in technical programs also take courses in the college prep track.

In 9th grade, parents should focus on helping their child figure out the right path while still leaving time for a social life and family.

Some kids have an easy time with studying, while others get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

“I just told a parent today to get flash cards,” Livingston says.

Even if your child’s school doesn’t have such a program, counselors and teachers should be well-equipped to help your child make good decisions.

“You want to nip it in the bud as soon as possible.” Take the same proactive steps with academics.Burnette’s students wanted to pass along lessons they learned in 9th grade.The student authors tackled the sensitive issue of dealing with upper classmen, advising 9th graders not to announce their freshman status and to initially keep a low profile.“Kids at this age may be starting their first jobs, and they have busy social calendars,” Burnette says.“It’s a lot to manage.” Some students arrive in high school with an unrealistic image portrayed on television.

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