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Some kids have an easy time with studying, while others get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.“I just told a parent today to get flash cards,” Livingston says.Parents, Burnette says, should resist the temptation to push their children into the most difficult courses with the hopes that they’ll get admitted to Harvard.“To be in a course that’s too difficult just leads to frustration,” she says.On the flip side, some students are tempted to take the easiest courses possible in hopes of getting straight A’s and a high GPA.That robs the student of a feeling of accomplishment and doesn’t fool college admissions officers, who look carefully at course difficulty when evaluating a transcript.Even if your child’s school doesn’t have such a program, counselors and teachers should be well-equipped to help your child make good decisions.Still, high school can be a pressure cooker, and Burnette’s student authors emphasize the importance of personal well-being, including mental and physical health.

The book is used at high schools around the country to help kids adjust.“Going to a teacher on the last day of the semester is a day late and a dollar short,” Livingston says.“It’s easier to help a child when their struggle is small.” Some 9th graders can study independently, but others still need to work at the kitchen table with a parent close by.Most high schools have several paths: a college prep track for students motivated to attend college; an honors track for highly motivated students planning to attend a competitive college; and a career or technical track for students planning an occupation such as auto mechanic, electrician, dental assistant, or computer technician.The goal in 9th grade is to start down the path most likely to be a good fit. It’s also possible to take some courses in the honors program and others in college prep.

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