Dating campagnolo chainrings dot dating scheme

Q: What is the proper Campagnolo Warranty Procedure?A: The correct procedure depends on who you are, and how you came to own your Campagnolo parts.The chain is narrower and MUST be joined with the UT-CT300 chaintool.11s chainrings changed in 2012 and post 2012 11s chainrings cannot be interchanged with earler versions, nor with 10s chainrings. A: The current 10s levers that are, are Record & Chorus 10s 2006-2010 and use a right hand Ergo body EC-RE631 and left-hand Ergo body EC-RE532.

The Chorus™ crankset with carbon fibre is the ideal partner for any competition.

On a 10s they are dished towards the big ring but there is still a narrow shoulder towards the big ring "side".

11s chainrings, the teeth are machined flush with the surface closest to the big ring.

Not only can they deal with any problem you may have, but they also interface directly with our company.

If there is no Campagnolo selected store near you, you can however contact the best cycling stores in your area or contact the reference service center via our contacts page.

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