Dating campagnolo chainrings

Some previous versions on Veloce and Centaur up to the 2006 model year either were, or could be made so by swapping the body of the Ergolever itself for the part numbers above, as was also true of late Mirage 10s levers, again up until model year 2006.Some other internal parts also require changing, as EC-RE631-based levers have some dimension differences in the central pivot around which all the other parts rotate.On a 10s they are dished towards the big ring but there is still a narrow shoulder towards the big ring "side".11s chainrings, the teeth are machined flush with the surface closest to the big ring.Chains for 11-speed systems are around 5.4mm wide on the outside, vs. The ring spacings are incorrect and you also have to be careful with the physical thickness of the rings because they are supported on two sides.The ring spacing is set by where the teeth are machined on the section of the material - so on a 9s ring, the teeth are pretty much in the middle.The versions of Ergopower that either are, or can be made, Ergobrain compatible are identified by having a thumb lever that allows multiple shifts (rather than the later "Escape" type, post model year 2006 in Xenon, Mirage, Veloce, Veloce Infinity and Centaur).

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The internal workings of the Escape type levers (which use bodies EC-CE031 & 032) are very different from earlier versions and there is no cross-compatibility between these Ergopower bodies with the previous types.

The chain is narrower and MUST be joined with the UT-CT300 chaintool.

11s chainrings changed in 2012 and post 2012 11s chainrings cannot be interchanged with earler versions, nor with 10s chainrings. A: The current 10s levers that are, are Record & Chorus 10s 2006-2010 and use a right hand Ergo body EC-RE631 and left-hand Ergo body EC-RE532.

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