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Such people make antibodies to all blood types except blood group h and thus would find it very difficult to find compatible blood. Read more A person usually has to do a blood test in order to find out her ABO/Rh blood type.

Any lab can do the test, but it requires a doctor's order, and may or may not be covered by insurance. Read more Unless you need a blood transfusion, in which case it's critical.

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The blood type diet follows the theory that blood types are compatible with certain foods and essentially allergic to others. If it clots with all of these, your blood type is ab . Another option is to purchase a kit that can be used at home. Abo and rh types were the first 2 & most important (in terms of transfusion reactions) characterized historically. However, there is no known practical reason for the testing.

There are hundreds more "types", the reason blood cross-typing is always performed before transfusions.

Types reflect genes - but clear basis for selecting foods. Read more Blood group h or bombay phenotype is a rare variation in which the person is genetically deficient in the enzymes needed to make the base product for ABO blood group antigens.

In this article, we are going to talk about the AB blood type, their individual characteristics, and the best diet for their overall wellbeing. it is found among less than 5% of the world’s population.AB people have a tendency to internalize their emotions, which causes more harm than good.Like a type O group there is overproduction of catecholamine, e.g. However, there is also the type B tendency of rapid nitrous oxide clearing, which means there are physical consequences and reactions to emotions, particularly hostility and anger.Exercise then becomes the best way to keep stress at bay and maintain an emotional balance.A combination of aerobic and low impact like tai chi or yoga in a 3:2 ratio will give the best results.

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