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Symptoms of brain injuries vary based on the severity of the injury or how much of the brain is affected.

A common category with the greatest number of injuries is traumatic brain injury (TBI) following physical trauma or head injury from an outside source, and the term acquired brain injury (ABI) is used in appropriate circles to differentiate brain injuries occurring after birth from injury, from a genetic disorder, or from a congenital disorder.

Brain injuries often create impairment or disability that can vary greatly in severity.

In cases of severe brain injuries, the likelihood of areas with permanent disability is great, including neurocognitive deficits, delusions (often, to be specific, monothematic delusions), speech or movement problems, and intellectual disability. The most severe cases result in coma or even persistent vegetative state.

Damage to the Broca’s area typically produces symptoms like omitting functional words (agrammatism), sound production changes, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and problems with comprehension and production.

Broca’s aphasia is indicative of damage to the posterior inferior frontal gyrus of the brain.

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