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At least one Stones employee had been holding out hope for a rescue deal, and said: “We’ve got the newest XL in the country and we were packed out with work.Perhaps the business could trade on as part of someone else’s empire.”A number of printers had previously been mooted as being potentially interested in the site or some of its assets, with various print bosses spotted at the factory in recent weeks.

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But when you get into the nitty gritty of how we prefer to get the sugar, opinions diverge.I’ve only been a sugar […] Continue reading By Caitlin Tell us about yourself: who are you?I’m a full time business woman in my 30s who happened to stumble into the sugar world almost 10 years ago.Stones prints magazines, catalogues and brochures for a range of clients, with customers scrambling in recent days to place work elsewhere.One rival printer described Stones’ prices as “crazily low”.“The big question is, do you want to pick up very low-price work from fairly desperate publishers.

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