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One paper supplier commented: “We couldn’t get credit on them even 18 months after they started so we didn’t deal with them.

What a godforsaken mess, with Wheatons, Ashford and now Banbury.”Henry Stone had not yet filed maiden accounts.

Stones prints magazines, catalogues and brochures for a range of clients, with customers scrambling in recent days to place work elsewhere.

One rival printer described Stones’ prices as “crazily low”.“The big question is, do you want to pick up very low-price work from fairly desperate publishers.

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It also has Muller Martini perfect binding and stitching lines, two Steinemann UV coaters, and an Autobond laminator.Sheetfed magazine printing specialist Buxton Press was one of the companies named.Chairman Bernard Galloway told : “We’ll talk to the administrators and take a look at it and see if there’s anything there that’s of interest to us.”YM Group had also looked at the business at the time of Polestar’s collapse, when it was interested in buying Polestar Bicester.Rowley said: “Henry Stone Limited has suffered as a result of a tough trading environment over the past couple of years.The directors are grateful to all staff, customers and suppliers who have supported them over this period, but severe cash flow problems have resulted in the company entering administration today.

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