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Of course there is no denying that cuckolding does complicate your life and we have had a few crises of faith over the last year.My daughter Sue moving back in with us has not been too easy.Saturday 24 February 2018 I can only apologise for my intermittent blogging over the last couple of years but I hope I can compensate this year.Many people have enquired whether I will be continuing my blog, so I have been motivated to do better.Also I have recently become friendly with a rather nice cuckold who has made me think afresh about the role of cuckolding in 21st century relationships.I do really believe that a cuckold relationship is very natural for women and can revitalise a relationship particularly for mature couples.

I had feared for their marriage after Clive made a serious play for me about 18 months ago, personally I would have made him wear a chastity cage!We raised our three daughters to believe nakedness is completely natural.Being naked is just extremely comfortable and I love the feel of a breeze against my body and the sun on my skin.In those days a man's wife was considered his chattel or possession and the reasoning went this way: if he couldn't control his own property he couldn't very well be trusted with anything important.These days it seems we are stuck with this outdated term to describe what is really a very much needed rethinking of what a marriage should really be about, finding a reliable partner who can provide stability and security rather than about sex.

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