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Because the document is stored on a server but is checked out to a local copy for editing, the links point to the actual stored location of the document.By Peter Weverka Cross-references in longer Word 2016 documents are very handy indeed.For example, I start with: 2.3 Process Item 2.4 Notify Client And a reference to "See step 2.4 Notify Client" Where 2.4 is a paragraph number cross reference and 'Notify Client' is a paragraph text cross reference.I then add a new item, so I've got: 2.3 Process Item 2.4 Check for Exceptions 2.5 Notify Client When I update I get: "See step 2.4 Check for Exceptions Notify Client As shown, the cross ref text is bolded as if it were now a heading, and it is showing the header titles for both 2.4 and 2.5.

Sometimes these elements update as part of the steps above, but not always.

I'm seeing persistent (though intermitent) problems when using cross references in Word 2007.

Typically I create cross references to a numbered item (usually a numbered Heading 2 or Heading 3), with a reference to the paragraph number and a reference to the text. Then, if I add new numbered items to the list and then try to update the cross reference, I run into problems.

Then press F9 or right-click in the document and choose Update Field on the shortcut menu.

If the thing referred to in a cross-reference is no longer in your document, you see where the cross-reference should be.

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