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If you tell readers to go to a heading called “The Cat’s Pajamas” on page 93, and neither the heading nor the page is really there, readers curse and tell you where to go, instead of the other way around.Fortunately for you, Word 2016 lets you know when you make errant cross-references.Hi CLWriter, When inserting cross-references to headings, it is important to not create a new paragraph below that heading by simply going to the end of the heading paragraph and pressing Enter.That tends to extend the bookmark used for the cross-reference into the new paragraph.Follow these steps to create a cross-reference: When you finish creating your document, update all the cross-references.To do that, press Ctrl A to select the entire document.If you have a document with several sections and automated table/figure captions and x-refs to these, you might wonder how you can update these numbers reflect any changes you make, such as inserting new tables/figures/sections, or moving existing ones to other places in the document, or deleting some of them.

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You can refer readers to headings, page numbers, footnotes, endnotes, and plain-old paragraphs.I'm seeing persistent (though intermitent) problems when using cross references in Word 2007.Typically I create cross references to a numbered item (usually a numbered Heading 2 or Heading 3), with a reference to the paragraph number and a reference to the text. Then, if I add new numbered items to the list and then try to update the cross reference, I run into problems.In case anyone else is reading this and puzzling, I figured out the cross references trying to open as links.It wasn't a problem with Word at all; its our change management system.

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