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That’s just about where I am right now.”Frustration about dating is a key theme in her new movie, “Chonda Pierce: Enough,” which is set to play at three Nashville movie theaters April 25.

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It is among other romantic clichés like "candle-lit dinners" and may, in fact, simply indicate that the person enjoys romantic gestures and activities in general. They’re so different than 1975 when I met my husband,” said Pierce, a longtime resident of Ashland City.“What do you do with these cell phones?You have to take a selfie and Instagram it to someone you’re dating?However, while a romantic walk might last for half an hour or an hour before, presumably, moving on towards another activity, Randall suggests he likes walks that last several hours or even overnight, suggesting potential mates bring a tent to camp out in.The title text suggests that those who say they like long walks on the beach are being disingenuous, or not forthcoming.

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