Christian dating no chemistry

person has chemistry with every other person of the opposite sex when they flirt simultaneously.

Now, let’s get serious, because I just about gagged when I heard all you want is to find a good guy with whom you have chemistry. Spare me, and listen to what a decent guy (no longer single) has to say to you: You Christian girls are ruining your chance at a good guy because you want chemistry. You’ve entered and lost a game you pretend you don’t want to play. One thing you need to understand about chemistry is it is just natural pheromones being released.

So we think, The easy answer: because that's "new love." That's fresh love. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is one of the culprits for the excitement of "new love." PEA is a brain chemical that acts like an amphetamine (yes, the drug) during the early stages in a relationship.

How should a Christian think about another Christian when it comes to a potential romance?

Perhaps they are a rare gem in the rocks that need a closer examination to see its value. Perhaps you are considering pursuing someone or allowing someone to pursue you. When it comes to marriage, godly character is not just a deal breaker; it is what the game is all about. Without a deep love for Jesus, marriage will be miserable.Although these categories are probably not exhaustive, they may be helpful as you think about a potential mate. This is first on the list because without it nothing else matters. The potential wife should be maturing into a Proverbs 31 woman and the potential husband should be a Psalm 112 man.Perhaps we all need to die to self and acknowledge true beauty. To quote one of my good friends: Dating is a team sport. You may be wondering how these things practically work themselves out.

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